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David Kassir

David D. Kassir


Managing Director |  Senior Financial Advisor

With over 28 years of experience in private wealth management, I am dedicated to helping individuals meet their financial needs by developing investment plans and retirement plans around their long-term goals and risk tolerance. My extensive experience – throughout major shifts in the markets – enables me to help my clients structure balanced portfolios to address their specific financial goals..

Manna Wealth Management is revolutionizing the financial advisory industry by providing specialized advice to help individuals and families make smart investments for their future. For over 27 years, we’ve been helping our clients create meaningful wealth through a thoughtful and custom-tailored approach. Our mission is to unlock the potential of each individual client by offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet their specific needs. With David Kassir as the driving force behind Manna Wealth Management, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.
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Working with David D. Kassir

At Manna Wealth Management we believe a key to healthy financial management is making choices based on what really matters to you. When you create a clear understanding of your priorities, you may control your money. Not the other way around.

You’re working hard to build something meaningful for your life, your family, and your community. A commitment that deserves an approach to your financial life that’s personal and flexible while focusing on both what you need now, and what’s important for your future. Of course, we can’t tell you what’s important. But we can help you figure it out. And then, we can help you build a plan around that focus. At Manna Wealth Management, your financial advisor will support you and guide you in taking the right steps each day to accomplish your long term goals.

These days, much of the financial advice you’ll encounter is just about investment. We know that Money isn’t just about investing. It impacts your choice and actions, everyday.

Paying off debt, saving for college, supporting your favorite charity, anything you do that involves Money can impact your overall success. Together with your Advisor, you’ll create a plan that strives to cover it all.

Financial Advisor Who Sees The Big Picture

Located in Northern Virginia and Florida, since 1962 Manna Wealth Management has provided ongoing, one-on-one financial advice that strived to help thousands in the DC metro area discover answers to the questions that can make a big difference – like evaluating your overall asset allocation including your 401k assets, where you stand relative to your goals, and what actions you can take to keep moving in the right direction. When you work with Manna Wealth Management, you’ll have a resource for comprehensive, objective, and affordable financial advice.

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