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Financial Advisory and Planning Tailored To You

These days, much of the financial advice you’ll encounter is just about investments. At Manna Wealth Management we know that money isn’t just about investing. It impacts your choices and actions, every day. That’s why we will focus on your entire financial life.

Saving for retirement, saving for college, supporting your favorite charity anything you do that involves money can impact your overall success. Together we will create a plan that strives to cover it all.

What We Offer
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What We Offer

Tailored Plan

Pathways to Your Financial Future

Based on your input, we will create an Initial Plan that will help serve as the map for your financial future.

Your plan will:

  • Reflect your financial goals, timing, and priorities.
  • Evaluate your current financial situation in relationship to your goals.
  • Provide a consolidated picture of all your financial assets.
  • Align your feelings toward risk.
  • Include investment recommendations, downside risk strategies, insurance coverage, and savings plans.
What We Offer

Comprehensive 401k

Guidance & Monitoring

We can provide comprehensive asset allocation guidance for your 401K’s assets so that you can be sure all your money is in line with your initial plan.

  • We will review 401K’s to provide investment recommendations.
  • Specific selections for your 401k.
  • Investments in other Tax qualified accounts.

Asset allocation can not eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

What We Offer

Ongoing Strategic

Financial and Investment Advice

You’ll meet with your personal Financial Advisor quarterly or semiannually, depending on your desired level of contact, to check on your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Once a year, your Advisor will conduct a comprehensive review of your plan to make sure it still reflects what’s important to you, and accounts for any changes to your circumstances. During this meeting, you’ll also review your specific investments.

Our experienced investment management approach brings you:

  • A team of investment professionals who construct portfolios based on strategic recommendations and risk profile.
  • Portfolio customization designed to meet your preferences and needs.
  • Important diversification normally unavailable to individual investors.
  • Periodic rebalancing to ensure your portfolio maintains the most effective concentration of investments.
  • Rigorous selection and ongoing monitoring of the investments in the portfolio.

Disclosure: Diversification does not guarantee profit or protect against loss in declining markets.


What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is an investment advisory service for high net worth individuals.

How Does Wealth Management Work?

Wealth management combines both financial planning and specialized financial services, including personal retail banking services, estate planning, legal and tax advice, and investment management services.

The goal of wealth management is to sustain and grow long-term wealth. The net worth needed to qualify for wealth management services vary among institutions. Depending on the institution, the range of services available is highly customizable in order to meet the specific needs of the client.

Why Does Wealth Management Matter?

Over the long-term, we have helped clients navigate a variety of situations that have ranged from common to incredibly unique. Below you will find a list of some of the more typical scenarios. Ongoing asset management and retirement planning are cornerstone services that all clients utilize. In addition, the type of support we provide will change over time as the individual’s needs and situation changes. For example, we may focus heavily on getting an estate plan in place and saving for college for a couple with young kids, but fast-forward twenty years, and we could be working to help them develop a plan to retire early after selling a business or receiving an unexpected inheritance.


  • Financial advisory support: This is where we spend most of our time working with clients. The types of issues we may advise on will vary with every situation, but some common focus areas include allocating cash or a windfall to multiple goals, managing stock options, selling a business, college planning, managing financial change.
  • Retirement planning: Like everything with financial planning, retirement planning is an evolving process. Through a combination of technology and personal conversations, we strive to help clients with all aspects of retirement planning, such as developing income assumptions, analyzing trade-offs or what-if scenarios, investigating options for additional tax-efficiencies, and helping to navigate major legislative changes that alter the retirement landscape. These are just some of the ways we help clients prepare for retirement.
  • Tax-minded guidance: Taxes are always a consideration, though we believe it’s important not to let the tax-tail wag the dog. From our fund selection and asset location to tax-advantaged savings strategies, we work in conjunction with clients’ CPAs to help develop a tax smart strategy.
  • Proactive support and ongoing review meetings: Semi-annual meetings are a great way to discuss changes in your life to help ensure your whole financial picture (e.g. asset level, insurance coverage, estate plan, benefits, etc.) is aligned with your current situation and goals.
  • Investment management: All of our clients receive ongoing discretionary management of investment accounts (e.g. IRAs, trusts, taxable accounts, and certain active 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans). Our investing philosophy is based on a low-cost, diversified management strategy that doesn’t seek to time the market or pick single stocks.
  • Financial modeling: Developing a detailed and custom financial pathway to help you reach your goals. Modules are selected based on your needs, but all plans include a Monte Carlo simulation, net worth projection, cash flow projection, and progress towards achieving your retirement and other goals.
  • Situational Counsel: As unexpected changes occur in your life (and they always do), we always strive to be one of the first calls our clients make. We can either assist you with navigating your options or work to help introduce you to the right professional who can.

To discuss your personal situation, please contact us.

What is a fiduciary duty?

As a registered investment advisor, Manna Wealth Management always has a fiduciary obligation to act for the sole benefit and interest of our clients. This is the highest act of loyalty, trust and care as established by law.

Unfortunately, not all advisors are always held to a fiduciary duty. If your advisor is only a part-time fiduciary, how do you know when they stop acting in your best interest?

Does your wealth management program have an investment minimum?

Typically, our wealth management clients will have a portfolio of at least $500,000 in investable assets. Investable assets most commonly include current retirement plans, retirement accounts from previous employers, IRAs (traditional, rollover, Roth, SEP, inherited, SIMPLE), brokerage accounts, trusts, and cash you wish to invest.

What does a Client look like?

Our individual and family wealth management clients are a diverse group of successful professionals in a variety of different fields and industries, such as healthcare, tech, engineering, biotechnology, pharma, law, education, and life sciences.  Clients include scientists, Federal Employees, military, professionals in academia and research, executives, consultants, attorneys, engineers, doctors, business owners, and nurses.

Where are your clients located?

We work with individuals around the country. Technology enables us to leverage several tools which helps us seamlessly bridge the gap. We maintain offices in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Miami, FL.

When was your firm founded?

Manna Wealth Management was founded in 1962 by a retired Marine Colonel, Richard E. Smith.  Richard Smith had a passion for helping fellow members of the Armed Forces retire with peace of mind.  Since then we have grown to cater to many clients from all walks of life living not only in the United States but all over the world.

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