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Searching for a Florida financial planners that are going to fit all your Retirement, Financial, Tax and Estate planning needs? Researching the many firms that come up in a Google search can be exhausting, and there are many different factors to consider.

  • As an example, do the Financial Advisors in Miami, or another city that you’re researching have a minimum investible asset level requirement?
  • Which wealth management firm in Florida offers Florida residents a family office service?
  • Where do you find wealth management in Miami, Florida specializing in working with women in transition?
Women & Wealth management in DC

making the right decision

There’s a lot to consider when researching a top Florida financial advisor, and Manna Wealth Management’s hope is to make that search easier for you.

While reviewing financial advisors in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Coral Gables, and throughout Florida state you’ll get a sense of what’s offered by each firm.

Highlights of the Florida investment advisors and what makes them a standout are widely unique. Thus, if you’ve been looking for expert financial guidance from a Florida firm, Manna Wealth Management is here to help.

The right Florida investment advisors and Florida Financial Advisors can help people save for a comfortable retirement, fund business expansion, or send their children to college, all while monitoring their Financial Plans on a day-to-day basis.

No matter what your future aspirations are, it’s important to find the best wealth management firm in Florida that can guide you there.

Financial Planners in Florida:

3 Types of firms to consider

You’ll run across three terms when researching wealth management in Florida, a firm that offers a Florida family office, or a financial planner.  These are:




Both fee-only and Fee-Based firms can be fiduciaries. A Florida financial planner that is a fiduciary takes on a legal responsibility to be transparent about any conflicts of interest, and its advisors are required to put the best interests of their clients ahead of their own and those of the firm.

The Florida financial advisors at Manna Wealth Management take the time to get to know you through a detailed process. This process is designed to identify your goals related to saving for retirement, retiring early, your risk tolerance, your current and future investments, and more.

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Why Manna?

Manna Wealth Management understands that portfolios should not be “one size fits all.” This team of experts really listens to clients to get to know them and their needs so they can customize strategies as well as highlight things that could blindside clients later.

This Florida wealth management firm, Manna Wealth Management has financial advisors that specialize in Social Security benefits and can help clients make smart financial decisions that will help them throughout their retirement.

Top financial advisors in Miami or anywhere else will make a concerted effort to educate their clients and help them be financially ahead. The financial advisors at Manna Wealth Management do this in two distinct ways.

The firm’s experienced financial advisors in Miami take time to outline a detailed retirement roadmap that includes areas such as:

  • Capital preservation
  • Risk tolerance
  • Tax consequences
  • Social security
  • Long-term care
  • Medical expenses

Miami-area Florida financial advisors Manna Wealth Management offers the following array of services:

  • Investment management
  • Executive retirement services
  • Estate planning & trust services
  • Risk management
  • Tax planning 
  • Family office services
  • Retirement planning
  • Specialized business services
  • Retirement plan solutions
  • Institutional cash management & consulting

managing your finances

When it comes to managing your finances and ensuring you’re in a good place when retirement comes around, having the help of a top financial advisor [ David Kassir ] in Florida can make all the difference.

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Manna Wealth Management’s Financial advisors in Miami, Coral Gables, and throughout South Florida have years of experience in both up and down markets. They can provide invaluable guidance when it comes to things like estate planning, portfolio creation, home buying and education funding,

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

To work with Florida wealth managers like Manna Wealth Management it’s a good  idea to request an initial consultation. We offer initial consultations no cost.

A consultations will allow you to get a feel for working with Manna Wealth Management and help you get on the road with planning by the best wealth management firm in Florida.

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