David Kassir, CEO of Manna Wealth Management, Attends 2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach for Third Year In a Row

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Miami Beach, FL – David Kassir CEO of Manna Wealth Management, attends the 2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach for the third year in a row. David sees the Bitcoin conference as a key opportunity to keep up-to-date with the newest trends and innovations in Bitcoin.

David’s attendance at the conference is a testament to his commitment to understanding the latest developments and innovations in the world o David Kassir - 2023 Bitcoin Conference f cryptocurrency. With an unwavering passion for staying up to date with the latest financial trends and technological advancements, David is eager to explore the latest trends and insights relating to Bitcoin.


The 2023 Bitcoin conference is a great event for anyone in the cryptocurrency space. With renowned experienced speakers from a range of industries and backgrounds, participants will be privy to some of the most transformative insights relating to the digital currency world. David is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to network with fellow attendees, check out the latest products and services available, and learn from industry experts at the forefront of the Bitcoin sphere.

“There’s always something new to learn from these conferences, and the chance to interact with other experts in the field is invaluable,” says Kassir. “Attending this conference for the third year in a row is a priority because Bitcoin continues to be a fascinating area of development in finance.”


At Manna Wealth Management, we recognize the importance of understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. David’s attendance at the 2023 Bitcoin conference is just one way we’re ensuring that we stay on top of the rapidly evolving financial landscape – so we can continue to provide our clients with the most innovative, cutting-edge financial solutions.

2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach In an era where digitization is changing every aspect of our lives, Manna Wealth Management is committed to staying ahead of the curve by continually learning, exploring, and innovating. We’re excited to see what David will bring back from the conference and how this knowledge will benefit our valued clients.


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