Capital Exchange focuses on the confluence of policy, money and growth. Beyond the political posturing and partisan rancor, the policy decisions made in the corridors of the Capitol are informed by, and greatly affect, the boardrooms of corporate America.

In this event series, CNBC journalists engage in candid conversations with top CEOs, lawmakers and administration officials, discussing ways public and private sectors can collaborate to grow the economy and create jobs.

Capital Exchange: Diversity & Inclusion calls for nationwide action to bring a wider variety of perspectives to both the public and private sectors. How can companies capitalize on diversity and inclusion to improve recruiting, retention, and their bottom line? And what is the appropriate role for lawmakers and federal agencies within this space?

Washington DC Financial Advisor - David D. Kassir invited to CNBC

The invitation-only meeting was held at The Hay Adams Hotel –November 29, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Washington DC Financial Advisor - David D. Kassir invited to CNBC

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