Financial Advisor David Kassir featured in Miami Herald

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Like Manna From Heaven, Trusted Financial Advisor David Kassir Gives His Beloved Clients True Peace of Mind

Financial Advisor David Kassir featured in Miami Herald WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2014 – PRNewswire. Senior Financial Advisor David D. Kassir, of Manna Wealth Management, attended the annual Barron’s Winner’s Circle Top 100 Advisors Summit, hosted by Barron’s magazine to promote best practices in the industry and the value of advice to the investing public.

Under the mentorship of Bruce Thompson, a prominent hotel developer and one of the nation’s largest timeshare developers, Kassir made the most of what he saw as an opportunity to run the valet operation in front of a new restaurant, Mahi Mah’s, in Virginia Beach. He later launched his own private valet company, DK Valet Services, which had 12 locations in the region. Even back then, Kassir – now the CEO of Washington, D.C.-based Manna Capital Management – was obsessed with being successful. To him, that meant the freedom to live the life he wanted. As co-author (with Steve Forbes) of the bestselling 2014 book Successonomics, he sums up his definition of success in a chapter called “Making Saving Glamorous: Old World Ideas In The New Economy.” He writes, “Success is the ability to lead the life you dream of now, not just in retirement. Success means not getting to the end of your life and realizing you missed it. Creating personal wealth becomes a process by which we achieve success.”

The California born Kassir spent every moment of his spare time in those days immersed in the idea of wealth creation. He read Forbes and other magazines insatiably and estimates he’s read over 150 books on finance. He was always committed to adding value where value wasn’t inherently present. Kassir’s dynamic journey since then has involved expansion through the buyout of other firms, and, in 2009, Georgetown Private Cliente entered into an agreement to buy out Manna Financial Services Corporation, a broker/dealer and distinguished investment firm that began in 1962, with clients across the U.S. Kassir rebranded all of his acquisitions under one umbrella, Manna Capital Management.

“I see every person who sits in front of me as someone’s mother, someone’s daughter, which makes my business very personal and very real,” says Kassir. “I am very close to my mother. It’s a bond I can’t explain. If it’s a female prospective client, I imagine she may have children. If it’s a man, I think, this is someone’s dad. That perspective sets the tone for the meeting from the beginning. I take the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others,’ and amplify that by the imagery of my parents. I want my business to be built on love, trust, care and kindness. Those are the values that my predecessors lived by. So while I’ve devoted myself to taking this firm to the next level, it was exactly the opportunity I was looking for on many levels.” See Original article at Miami Herald.

David Kassir

Managing Director | Manna Wealth Management
Miami Beach, Florida

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